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Challenging Yourself to Shoot Anywhere

Blogging is not one of my strong points.  I’ve gone months without putting something on paper, but sometimes when something hits you at the right moment, it drives me to gather myself together and get to work.

I’m currently reading a book called “Studio Anywhere” by Nick Fancher, and I’m honestly very fascinated by the simplicity of his techniques and set ups throughout the entire book.  I love that Nick basically proves throughout each chapter that you can take a great picture anywhere.  Some of his results are not only incredible, but also inspiring.  So much so, that I’ve taken up some new challenges…taking portraits of people, on the spot.  Meaning, if I ask them to give me five minutes of their time to take a few portraits, and they agree, then I will use whatever I have to make a nice portrait, on the spot…any environment, basically creating a “Studio Anywhere.”

So often, as photographers, we can get caught up in gear, and looking at other people’s work, that might be way more advanced than our own work.  We get into telling ourselves “if I just had this light, this lens, this camera body, this location, then I could make these amazing pictures as well.”  Well, Nick Fancher has shown us all that you can make amazing photos without a whole bunch of gear, in any location.  Backyard, tiny bedrooms, garage, kiddie pool, etc.  It all works.  With a little bit of creativity, a change in camera angle, and reading the light, and boom…it all comes together.

Sounds challenging?  I think so.  But it’s definitely something that drives me to think creatively with the equipment I have at that moment.  It could be complicated in certain scenarios, but I’m up for the challenge, because it will make me a better photographer, both technically, and artistically.  Keeping in mind that 99% of the time all I’ve got is a 50mm, 1.8G Nikon lens on my D7100.  But it’s a combination that works for me…and it works well.

The portraits accompanying this blog post were all taken right after these people agreed to having their picture taken…some nervously, but still trusting me enough to allow me the opportunity.  So far they have all been happy with the results.  The challenge continues.  More to come.

I would recommend this book to any photographer.  Something to put into your library for those days when you want to get the creative juices flowing, with limited gear.  For $22, it’s been my best buy this month.

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