Capturing Your Story Through Pictures


Finding the Right Moments

People are my passion.  So whenever I get a chance to make a portrait, or create art with people, I’m all in!  Sometimes it’s a look, sometimes it’s a smile, sometimes it’s the eyes, other times it’s just the expression they make when they giggle, or turn suddenly when someone calls their names.  It is in that moment, that the creative spirit is set loose, and my brain goes, “Time to make an image!”

Raspberry fields in the summer, natural light

When I decide to make am image, I make sure I create an image that shows my subject in the best light…and that could be any kind of light, depending on where I am.  I want them to look and feel amazingly beautiful.  I want them to generate emotion from them when looking at the unedited image I just created…especially after they say “I don’t know.  I never look good in pictures.”  The truth is, we all have something beautiful about us, and it’s my job to find that right moment when it shows itself.

Just leave the hair where it is!  She could not resist.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a studio portrait, or an outdoor senior portrait session, or a wedding…what matters is that it’s the right moment…which becomes the best moment for me and my subject, because I’m able to capture the essence of who they are, inside and outside.  When you look at the image, there is an instant connection between you, the viewer, and them, the people in the image.  You don’t need to, or shouldn’t try to explain the feeling that you get from looking at images like that…it’s just a feeling.  That’s when you know the moment was right, and the image is right.

Just beautiful.

All people are beautiful in some way.  If you give them a little more than a glance, it will always show up at the right moment.  Let the people be your passion.

The smirk say it all.