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Creative Space Rental

Creative Rental Space

Studio Daily Rental

Creative Space is 830 sq.ft with white and charcoal walls


Let's Get Creative...

Fellow photographers, if you've been looking for a creative studio to do creative work, search no more!  Kavan Lake Photography and Creative Space can fulfill your studio needs.

Currently we are offering 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours of space rental for a very reasonable investments.  The space is 830 sq.ft of clean accessible shooting area, changing area, available bathrooms, ample parking, and right in the middle of downtown Salinas.  Included with each rental time slot is the use of all photography equipment in the studio.

Available equipment includes wireless ac/dc studio strobes (600w/s & 300w/s, 4X6 softboxes, 48" Octaboxes, 36" deep Octaboxes, strip boxes, 7ft white umbrella with diffusion, 43" diffused umbrellas, black, white and silver V-Flats.  We also have 18" and 22" beauty dishes (white and silver), and black, white and gray seamless paper backdrops.  Backdrop stands, C-stands, and 13 ft lighting stands are also available for use in the studio.  There is a hot internet port for you to plug in your laptop so you are always connected.  Soon we will be creating two 8'X9' hand crafted canvas backdrops that will be available to you as well.  There is also a refrigerator with free bottled water, and microwave for your convenience.

This is a win-win for you and your crew.  Everything you need is in one place, and you're still close to restaurants.  Multiple photographers can share the cost of investment an shoot at the same time, and we'll even order lunch so you won't need to stop shooting.


4 hours:  $300 investment

6 hours: $450 investment (lunch order included up to $50)

8 hours:  $525 investment (lunch order included up to $75)

Please contact us at (850) 206-6070 or for bookings and inquiries.